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The Friends of Eardisley School (FOES!)

‘FOES’ is a focal point for parental involvement in the school and is open to all Parents. It has an elected parent Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

It is a friendly group that works hard for the benefit of the children in the school and provides another link between home and school.

With budgets a constant concern, the focus of FOES is naturally on fund-raising. Fund-raising events have a social flavour and the focus is on getting to know people and having a good time as well as raising money for the school. In recent months our active fund-raisers have held a Pumpkin Party, Christmas Bazaar, Spring Fair, Summer Fete and some delicious cake sales to raise money for trips and visits and classroom resources. We are grateful for the generosity shown on these occasions, which has enabled us to further enhance our school.

You don’t have to come to meetings to be involved! Just let us know how you would like to help: support and new ideas are always well received!