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Welcome to Eardisley CE Primary School!

Eardisley C of E Primary School is a Christian values-based school, offering a culture of warmth, care and kindness. Here we are one big family where are all welcomed and all are cherished.

Throughout children’s education at Eardisley C of E Primary School there is a focus on academic accomplishment and the development of rich personal skills. We support each child to reach their potential and to discover their unique talents. We hope that every day will be for them a journey of discovery and success.

Our many awards are testament to our ambition and achievement – our 2018 good OFSTED grade, with Outstanding Early Years’ Provision; our Outstanding SIAMS grade; the Silver School Games Award; Gold RE Quality Mark, and the Outstanding Enhanced Values-based Education Quality Mark all tell the tale.

I am so proud of this school. With its beautiful natural grounds, exciting curriculum, and superb ethos, this is a place where children want to be!

Why not come and see us for yourselves?

I look forward to meeting you and hope you will come to share my enthusiasm for this exceptional school.

Bridget Knight


See Video and Photo Gallery for further photos of all events.

Public Speaking Lessons for Year 6 with Mrs. Burrage

Conker Championship 2018

Remembrance 2018

Children’s University Graduates Sept 2018

School Prayer

Dear Lord
No one cares like you.
Thank you for letting Jesus come down to earth to show us the way.
Thank you for His values that we cherish and that support our school.
Please help us to use our values to learn and make the world a better place.
Dear Lord, lead us to goodness.
In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Friendship is like the trees it never stops growing.
Peace is like the stars it never stops shining.
Love is like the air it never runs out.
Dear God, help us to work together in all that we do,
So that our values always shine through.

“Eardisley is a very loving school.” Pupil
“Everything is so bright and welcoming here. What a special atmosphere you have created.” Parent
“Everyone uses their values and we’re all one big team. We go on residential trips and do lots of competitions too!” Pupil
“Thank you for making me so welcome as a parent here”. Parent
“There are really good teachers here!” Pupil
“I’m glad we chose this school: there are so many ‘extras’!” Parent
“School makes me happy. Everyone is really kind and helpful”. Pupil
“Eardisley School stands out for its good behaviour and kindness”. Pupil
“I think this is a fantastic school. I love the way you pay attention to the whole child and think about them individually”. Parent
“Thank you for all you are doing for my child. He is really flourishing under your care”. Parent
“The teachers do an amazing job and they are all nice – every single one”. Pupil
“I have never known a school that is so supportive of individual children. You know them so well and you do so much: it’s amazing – we can’t quite believe it!” Parent
“Thank you for your open minds and dedication to teaching which are reflected in my child’s development and happiness to go to school each day”. Parent
“We show a lot of values at our school and that makes it stand out”. Pupil
“I’d like to thank you and all the members of Eardisley School for their incredible enthusiasm for teaching and learning alike”. Parent
“Thank you for making the children feel so welcome at Eardisley School”. Parent
“We are so fortunate to have this school”. Parent
“The children’s behaviour is exemplary”. Parent
“I love the community within the school”. Parent
“Values weave our school together: they are in the air all around us”. Pupil
“I’m really impressed by the children: they are lovely and thoughtful”. Parent
“I love the way the big kids look after the little kids”. Parent
“This is a school where there’s lots of knowledge. Everyone keeps their rudeness in and lets their happiness out!” Reception child
“I feel we are listened to at Eardisley School as parents”.
“You’ve done so much for my child – well done and thank you. Now it’s for the next school to build on your good work!” Parent
“I’m learning lots!” Pupil
“My child thrives here”. Parent